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Glass Bottom Music is a songwriting and publishing partnership formed by Doug Clark and Jem Treadwell.  The partnership was established in July 2004 to publish the songs we've been working on together for more than ten years.

Our association began in 1996, after we were introduced by our friends Keith McConnell and Jennie Floyd. Our interests are complementary: Doug is an accomplished singer, composer and musician, while Jem has a strong interest in songs with well-written and interesting lyrics. Our list of completed songs is taking shape slowly, as we both have many distractions that have limited the time we are able devote to this.

But things are beginning to happen: in 2007 we opened our on-line music store, and several songs are now available for purchase. Golden Wedding and Good Night are both becoming popular for family events, and Golden Wedding has been featured at celebrations in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India.

Doug and renowned pianist Vladislav Kovalsky have now also completed a superb full-length recording of Schubert's Die Schöne Müllerin (The Beautiful Miller Girl), which we're now offering on this site.  Details...

Please browse through our lyrics, check out our audio samples, and visit our music store.  If you like our songs, or you'd like to give us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

Doug Clark & Jem Treadwell

A Sailor's Fascination  The Love That You Know  Heading Home To You  Good Night
Golden Wedding  The Moon Is Down  Behind The Mirror  That's Who I Am  What You Came to Find

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May 10, 2009